Substance Abuse Problems Identified
Before They Become Your Problems.

The statistics speak clearly. Substance abuse is rampant. The impact upon a business only begins with lost time and dollars.

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Proven – Reliable – Trusted Reports

Cost-effective pre-employment screening enables drug-free workers and a safer more secure future for your company. Ongoing screening decreases down time, absenteeism and more.


Easy Access

A vast network of service centers for easier test management


Full Panel

5-12 Panel screens with options for alcohol, hair, daily or instant


Custody Chain

Electronic Chain of Custody (COC) ensures privacy and compliance


Total Compliancy

Compliant with all state and federal regulations


Instant Access

With eScreen RapidResponse you’ll have negative responses in minutes


Professional Protection

Professional tests protect customer relationships and company reputation

Comprehensive Implementation and Management

From our network of service centers, ScreeningOne® drug screening programs for applicants and employees coordinate secure specimen collection services, laboratory analysis, physician review and detailed reporting of test results.

20,000+ Collection Sites

ScreeningOne® has a network of over 20,000 collection sites across the U.S. We make it convenient for your applicants to get drug tested and easy for you to receive the results.

MRO Reviews All Results

ScreeningOne assigns a licensed medical review officer (MRO) to review all collections and lab results to ensure accurate and compliant drug testing procedures.

State/Federal Compliant

ScreeningOne drug testing is compliant with state and federal regulations for specimen collection, laboratory analysis, and reporting of test results.

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